Head start

Heads on the bench. Time to start.

I will put these aside for a bit. The wiring clip in the center will be removed then they’ll be sandblasted, primed and painted with Rust-oleum Sun Yellow which seems to be pretty close match to the original shade.

Removing the valve springs went pretty well.

Removing some of the valves was another story. A block of hardwood to tap the valve down then back and forth until they were loose enough to pull out by hand or tap gently out of the head did the job. About half of the valves needed help.

Now for a boring job. Washing everything in the parts washer then running the bolt threads and some of the heads over a wire wheel mounted on a bench grinder.

After what seemed like hours the bolts are all cleaned up and ready for when it comes time to mound the heads.

A bucket of used valve springs. These are the heavy duty Studebaker springs used on JT engines. Some will be weak from prolonged compression. Later I will check them all against a new spring to see which ones can be reused.

Next, checking the heads for flatness.

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