Checking the heads

My carpenter level is still pretty flat I think. Some of the paint is worn off but enough remains to give a even surface. I flat-filed the level just to be sure nothing was sticking up. Before hand I cleaned off the gasket surface of the head with a razor paint scraper and then flat filed the head surface There was a raised spot at one end of the head so I made sure it was leveled before taking measurements. I then put the level across one side, then the other and in the middle. I put a .002 feeler gauge under the level at various places and found that the heads are less than .002 out of level.

Next I cleaned the valves on a wire wheel and checked to see what I had. This is an intake valve. One of the bad ones. you can see the groove where the seat in the head actually wore down the valve. It is a groove in about the center of the valve face. Not good.

This is an exhaust valve and it looks good. All the exhaust valves seem OK for a regrind.

Some of the intake valves were OK, but not all. So I dug out four old heads and pulled the best looking intake valves.

I ended up with eight original exhaust valves and ten possible intake valves. I took them to the engine rebuilding shop for them to check out to see if I have enough intake valves to do a regrind.

I ran a wire wheel around each valve seat in the heads and they all look good or good enough for a regrind. Although one is a bit tough. Hopefully it will pass or I’ll be looking at another head which may have its own problems.

I had earlier checked the heads for warpage and now it was time to check the block. All was going well until I put the level over a paint drip. There were some anxious moments until I discovered the problem. With the over-paint removed the block is also less than .002 out.

Next I ran a brass cleaning brush through all the valve guides. I then checked them all for play with an old intake valve and a new exhaust valve. I compared also to a new valve guide that you can see above. The difference between the new and old guides was not all that much. Just enough to notice. The engine shop called and said three of my exhaust valves were bent??? But on the bright side all the intake valves were usable and have been reground. I don’t have any glass bead for my blast cabinet so I’ll turn the heads them over to the builder to clean up and seat the valves. I happen to have a set of new exhaust valves so I’ll use them and save the old ones that are straight for emergency or for someone who needs less than a complete set.

Next I’ll have a look at the springs and the rocker arms.

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