Rockers now!

I disassembled each rocker assembly keeping everything in order. Maybe not necessary, but I just like things to go back where they came off and fit best.

This is the end of a rocker shaft with the original 1/2″ plug in place. To get to this point I removed the cotter pins from each end and laid out all the springs, mounts and rockers in order.

I found that the rockers were worn noticeably. Not good. Might have been OK if it was using the same valves and the old valve guides, but… Fortunately I have a NOS set of rockers on hand so I’ll replace all 16.

After sitting a number of years I was sure there was going to be some crud lying in the bottom of the rocker shafts. Problem was how to remove small cup shaped plugs. Here I have bored a fair sized hole in the plug.

Next I used a large sheet metal screw and washer to start the plug out.

Once the plug started to move I use a couple of large hole washers over the end of the shaft so the plug could be pulled out without butting up against the washer under the screw head. A 1/4″ drive ratchet is on the end.

Got a bit too close so the photo is a bit blurred. You can just make out the plug on the screw end.

Next, using a long threaded rod, I punched out the plug on the other end. Notice I’m using padded aluminum vice jaw covers to protect the rocker shaft. These are available from woodworking supply shops. I get mine from our local Lee Valley store. I think you might be able to get them from Busy Bee Tools as well.

Again not too clear, but maybe you can make out the crud filling the rod threads.

I made up a gun cleaning type rod out of a coat hanger and pulled a rag soaked in parts cleaner through the rocker rod a few times.

I was able to find 1/2″ frost plugs to replace the ones I had to drill out. They are a tad thicker in wall size but, they went in quite well. I reused the two old plugs I was able to remove without damage. The plugs can’t work out of the shafts as there are cotter pins and washers at each end.

One new set of 8 rockers. They will get a thorough cleaning before assembly. I will need to remove the remains of 40+ year old factory protective coating. Good stuff. Still doing it’s job where it hasn’t been scraped off. I’ll clear it out of the shaft opening, the push rod screw cup and the valve tappet end.

All assembled with lots of assembly lube. The new rockers were a tight fit on the old rocker shafts. The shafts themselves didn’t have any noticeable wear for the most part. The tags are to mark left and right banks so they go back on the same side and the oil delivery holes from the head will line up.

Next I’ll do the final mount of the pan.

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