Fuel line in and ram fitted

The routing behind the cross member was easier than I had expected.



It was a bit tight fitting it along with the brake line, missing the bellcrank grease point and keeping it up off the lower lip so I’ll be able to get at the top bolts when I’m putting back the lower A arms.

Not too easy to see but the fuel line is connected to the carb via a clear fuel filter.  It is a copper line.  I couldn’t buy a short length of nickel/copper from my suppliers and I didn’t want to drop $60+ for a 25′ roll.  The copper is double flared and should perform fine.


That said I may spring for a roll later on.  This is what I took out of the fuel filter.  This is the second time I have had to clean it.


I installed an electric fuel pump as part of the engine upgrade.  It has a filter as part of the pump and it is located just ahead of the rear axle.  So all that crud has come from the line between the electric fuel pump and the carb pre-filter.  An all new fuel line  and new fuel pump filter will be a project for later on.

Now that the fuel line has been routed away from the PS ram area I can get on with the PS work.

The tricky part was getting the ram mounting plate in just the right position.  The stud sticking out of the top made it hard to position the hole in the frame. I clamped the bracket to the frame in various locations with the stud sticking up on the outside of the frame.  I then attached the ram and moved it back and forth checking clearances.  There wasn’t a whole lot of wiggle room.  When I got to a good spot that cleared both the sway bar mount and front cross member I just eyeballed where the stud would be on the outer frame lip.

I tried to position the hole so that the nut would clear with a socket attached.  Allowing for extra height from the lock washer allowed me to keep the stud a little further away from the outer lip.  I then connected up the ram and checked clearances.

Clearance with the sway bar bracket was the closest.  The photo doesn’t show  it too well but there is actually about 1/8″ clearance at the closest.



The spacing at the cross member is fine with the ram at the furthest and closest extremes.  I expect the turn stops on the steering knuckles will  keep the ram from getting even this close.



Once the ram was in its proper place it was easy to move the mount so that the supporting bolt hole could be positioned on the opposite side of the frame.

Next job will be to install the PS hoses.  In the meantime both steering knuckles are in the parts washer awaiting clean up.  I’ve got a bunch of cleaning, painting and bearing installation before I can put the front end back on the ’54.

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