Head woes

The heads look really nice after the clean-up. A couple of combustion chambers got a bit of moisture damage (pitting) but they are all passable.

My camera isn’t too good are close up shots. If you look real hard you can just make out a crack line between the two valve seats. Bummer!

Fortunately I had another two heads from a GT Hawk 289. They are not quite as nice, but with any luck one will be OK. The builder says he’ll use the best of the two. The exhaust flanges on these heads will need planing. All the heads have some bad valve seats. I’ll have new seats installed where needed. I have decided not to install hardened valve seats in the exhaust ports and will instead add a bit of lead to the gas Whenever I fill up. I only go through 4 or 5 full tanks of gas over the summer.

Next – things to do while I await the head work.

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