Not your usual high end valve spring tester!

I found 7 new #188645 valve springs but that left me 9 short. So I decided to check out the old springs to see if any where good enough to use. To do that I needed to check the pressure at a specific spring height. Not having the correct tool I improvised. Since this isn’t a race engine I don’t need to have everything exactly to spec. This is my rinky-dink setup to check spring pressure.

I placed the spring at about the center of the scale. The square block under it is the correct height for checking spring pressure =- 1-3/4″. I first tried the new springs and they all needed 130+ pounds to compress them down to 1-3/4″. Next I tried all the old springs. A few of them were down to about 110-115 lbs. Likely ones that had been compressed for years. The rest all came in above 130 lbs – even though their free standing height is shorter than the new springs.

All the springs have the same wire size of about .160″ (The standard duty springs are about .155″). The springs on the left and the one on the far right are the old springs. The others are a bit higher and are the new springs. Unless I hear otherwise I’m planning on using these springs for the rebuild.

Next, more cleaning and painting.

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