More cleaning and painting

I’m not fussy about Studebaker’s method of holding the spark plug wires. So I have ground off the center clip and will use some aftermarket units.

Sandblasted and ready for some body filler, sanding, priming and paint as soon as it is warm enough to use spray cans. I’ve got some sun yellow Rust-oleum that will closely match the original Studebaker colour.

I’m not going to use the original Prestolite distributor. This is the base off a Delco window distributor from a ’60 V8 Lark. Sandblasted and primed.

Time to clean up the bellhousing. Bulky and difficult to scrape off the old caked grime before putting it in the sandblasting cabinet. I take off all the old grease as it will mess up my blasting media.

Sandblasted and ready to go back into the parts cleaner.

Next, more painting and clean up while I await my heads.

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