Lots of bits & pieces to do

A little body filler to smooth off the grinding marks.

Here I’m using my bench vise to press out the alignment pins. It is very unlikely that the alignment pins will match up on a new block. I will have to dial-in the bellhousing to the new block and drill and fit new pins.

A coat of POR 15 and the bellhousing looks as good as new. I just brush it on with a small stiffer disposable brush.

It’s been quite a few days since I put the pan gaskets in place so I thought I’d do the final torque on the bolts. I had hoped that leaving the gaskets with their Permatex gasket sealer for awhile would stop the gaskets from squeezing out. As you can see they still pushed out. The seal may be fine and that’s my hope. The gaskets squeezed out on my 185 Champion project, but so far no leaks. Next time I think I’ll just run a fine bead of red gasket maker on the pan side and torque the bolts right away.

In the midst of building the Delco distributor. The body is all painted up and I’m installing the components. Here I’m in the process of setting the play between the gear and the housing. It calls for as little as .390″ and .065″. .065 seems an awful lot of play – almost 1/16″. That movement will show up between the rotor & cap contacts, on the cam and points contact and on the cam gear. I will try to set the play closer to the low end.

Next – still waiting on the heads so more work on bits and pieces

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