Still no heads!

What to do? What to do? Well I spent some of my time working on the floor of the Dodge. I couldn’t just put down sound deadening sheets without first sanding, priming and painting any rusty spots. I’ll finish painting with satin black rust paint and then let it cure well before sticking down sheets of sound deadener.

I needed to move the ’54 to get the seat out of the Dodge so I could work on the floor. Good to have the ’54 up and running for the season. Just had to adjust the passenger door striker a little – seems that even with the car supported under the rear axle and the front a-arms the body it still bent a bit from its natural position on all four wheels.

Finished sanding the valve covers and built a couple of stands for painting.

I taped off the insides so I wouldn’t get any overspray when I painted the edges and gasket channel. The original paint is still good inside. I didn’t want to add paint that might peel off and get into the return oil.

All primed in. I will add a bit more primer to cover the filler you can see on the top side. All ready for some ‘sun yellow’ paint.

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