Still no heads #2

I was digging out a gas tank for a customer and I came across and early Studebaker 4 bbl high rise manifold. As you can see it is much higher than the later 4 bbl units. I was planning on using a high rise 2 bbl intake and carb, but now that I have found this I’m not sure which way to go. The center divider is solid as in the R1 intake manifolds which Jim Pepper says give a crisper response over those with an open space in the center divider.

Here is the R1 AFB sitting atop the high rise with an added 1/2″ spacer to boot. One problem I will have is that this linkage does not accommodate a transmission with a cable throttle linkage and I plan on using the ’66 cable actuated transmission from the ’66 Commander. A little welding will be needed to fix a bracket to the bottom of the throttle shaft linkage.

Before I go ahead with a carb rebuild I need to know if there is a lot of wear on the throttle shaft. If it’s too bad then I’ll opt for a rebuilt unit or an Edelbrock replacement if the prices are close. My dial showed about .003 of play which is about the thickness of a sheet of newsprint. Of course the .003 is actually .0015 all the way around. Looking at some forum responses on AFB rebuilds, one person found that he had .011 of play in the shaft of a newly rebuilt carb. So I’m thinking I can rebuild this one at home. I built one some years ago for our R1 Avanti and it worked out well.

Sun Yellow is going to look just fine I think. Once the paint has had some time to cure I’ll add a couple of coats of clear to protect it some.

Now where are those heads!

More on the sound deadener I’m using on the Dodge truck. This is the stuff that I bought from Amazon.

The 50 sq feet comes in individual sheets. The grille marks makes it easier to cut a straight line. I bought the roller at the same time from Amazon.

I didn’t bother to butt fit each sheet. If it came close that was OK. The sheets are quite thin and the roller pretty well flattens down the seams. The dimples in the sheets flatten out and allow some stretch. No problem pushing it down into the floor ridges. I used rolled sound deadener on the ’54. It worked fine, but I found this size of individual sheets easier to work with.

I’ll contact the engine shop tomorrow and hopefully they will have some good news on the heads.

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