Heads maybe this week.

So in the meantime I thought it would be a good idea to build a backup water pump to keep in the trunk of the ’66 Commander which is to receive the JT transplant. The kit I have has been around a long time and as a result there is rust. The pump to be rebuilt is at the top.

After clean up in the sandblasting cabinet or on the wire wheel, things look a whole lot better – not good as new but still serviceable. The bearing spun easily and smoothly and didn’t seem to have suffered . At this point I visited a friend who has a sturdy bench press.

We disassembled the pump and cleaned the housing. Sadly the surface around the center hole is in bad shape. It really needs to be mirror smooth to provide a good sealing surface for the impeller ring seal.

This is the impeller with it’s black sealing ring. Only about an 1/8″ of sealing surface has to do the job.

I had two other pumps on hand. One is of the same design. Rather than go to my friend again I decided to try to use a large puller to push out the water pump bearing. Worked a charm. I’ll have to wait and see if I distorted the housing in the process. It really didn’t take much pressure to get it started and once started it pushed out easily.

The bearing surface on this pump housing was a whole lot better. Far from perfect, but it looked like I might be able to hand polish the surface. I started with 600 grit to remove enough metal to clear the pits. I then used 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500 & crocus cloth to bring it to a reasonable surface. I had to do a number of redos of fine paper and crocus. Finally I rubbed some red buffing compound on crocus cloth and used that to get a nice shine. Not all the scratches have been removed. I figure that the fine scratches might not matter in the short term. This is an emergency pump to be kept in the trunk. There are still pits in the face, but not on the area where the sealing ring fits. To do the sanding I could have used a sheet of glass with paper taped to it. I have a sheet of 1/8″ steel on my workbench so I decided to use that. First I ran over it with a razor blade to remove any bits that might be stuck to it. I taped my sheets of sandpaper to it and then used two hands to rub the housing back an forth, keeping the surface flat on the sandpaper. If I wanted to build a full time pump I would go to a machine shop and have this surface polished to a mirror shine before installing a kit.

Now back to more waiting and working on the Dodge truck carpet install.

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