I’m Back – Heads done!

Back home and lookin’ good. The price for the valve job was $200CDN. Not bad, but that got upped a lot with other work needed. I had a set of new exhaust valves, but the intakes were used and needed more work. Also, one seat was bad enough to need an insert ($40). As I said earlier, I decided not to replace all the exhaust valve seats to keep the project costs down. I’ll just have to add some lead or upper cylinder and valve lubricant like Lucas gas treatment to protect the valve faces.

Here are two nice cleaned heads, but they both have cracks between the valve openings. One of the original heads and one of the extra set I provided ended up getting cleaned and rejected which added to the job cost without any benefit – $112 poof!

Also, one of the second set of heads had a broken exhaust stud (flush) – more loot!

R&D Performance did a nice job of cleaning up the heads including all the intake and exhaust passages. The tape is there to keep the valves from sliding out. I’ll need to keep each valve in its proper place. Clean and magnaflux the heads was $56 ea.

I’ll match the intake gasket to the intake and exhaust ports and do some fine grinding to eliminate edges that protrude into the gasket opening.

Nice clean exhaust port. This one shows the heli-coil insert . That wasn’t too bad at $23 including the heli-coil.

The final added cost was to plane the exhaust flanges. The original heads weren’t bad, but the replacement was very pitted so it had to be done. That was another $112 for two.

Next job to do is to cc the heads so that the volume of each is close to identical.

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