CC’ing heads with basic tools

First thing to do was to get the heads set up so that there was a fair angle to the head face. This is needed to allow air to escape as you add water to the combustion chamber. The height is enough to allow the valves to seat and the shallow pan will catch the water as it is let out of the spark plug hole.

Next I used a blob of dum-dum to fill the plug hole. I tried to make it even with the curves of the combustion chamber. I put a thin coat of Vaseline on each valve seat. I also smeared a thin coat of vaseline on the head around the combustion chamber.

I am using a piece of thick plastic with holes that match up with the top of the combustion chamber. Actually I move the plastic up a bit to leave about half the holes open to the inside of the chamber.

Sorry for the side view. Can’t seem to get long shot to fit. This is the only tool I needed to buy. A simple calibrated tube with a stop cock at the bottom with a fine nozzle.

Here I’ve filled the tube to the 24 cc level. I then dribble the water into the combustion chamber until it is full. A bit tricky at times to get some of the trapped air out.

Here is the level after. It is about 85.6. So subtracting the starting figure of 24.0 I get a reading of 61.6 cc. This is actually quite high. I continue to do each chamber until I get two readings about the same. Each time I pierce a whole through the dum-dum and let the water run out. I then dry the chamber, refit the dum-dum and and plastic and re-fill.

More later once I get all the ccing done.

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