Ho-hum work!

I really should clean up what I have to do before going on with the PS install.  I had to remove the rad because the overflow tube broke off when I removed the top of the fan shroud.  That’s been repaired and now I need to repaint the top before the re-install.

Once that is done I’ll replace the flex fan and then the two piece shroud.  A friend, Don Preiss split the shroud on his ’57 Golden Hawk to make it easier to access the front of the engine.  Also, it is a real pain trying the take off the fan with the shroud on so that you can remove the shroud itself.  It is a whole lot easier if you can remove just the top half of the shroud first.

Here’s a before shot of Don’s ’57 Golden Hawk.  Below is the same car after many many hours and $$$ later.

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