I see a (head) and I want to paint it black…

A bit of tongue in cheek for all you Stones fans. Time to get some paint on the heads before installing the valves, etc.

First things first – I tapped out each spark plug hole with a to clean the threads and remove any leftover dumdum from the head cc job.

Most of the plug holes had some corrosion or gunk still on the spark plug sealing surface.

This is the small sanding disk I used to clean the spark plug sealing surfaces.

Flat and shiny now.

I figured this is the best time to install the temperature sender plate on the left head and the block off plate on the right. Everything is primed and ready to go.

The plates are used and have some corrosion. So I am putting a ring of high temperature silicone red sealant/gasket maker on the plates and on the block to help the paper gaskets make a good seal. I don’t want to have to replace leaky plates once the engine is in place. I will torque each to the required 17 ft lbs. A bit of a sloppy bead. Usually nicer with my Valco Tube Grip.

On the head and ready for paint. I will trim off the excess sealant before painting.


This is the tube squeezer thingy in the photo above. I have used it a lot and it is the best way to lay down an even bead of sealant, glue, etc. It is a Valco Cincinnati Tube Grip. You can get them on their website at http://www.valco-cp.com

Next it’s on to putting the valves in the heads and getting the heads on the block.

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