Head assembly

These are all the parts needed to install the valves on the prepped heads. Each will be dipped in clean oil before being put in place.

The valves will be installed with a light coat of oil to lubricate the valve guide on startup. The valve seals will keep the majority of the oil off the valve stem, but when the engine is hot the oil fumes will add minute amounts of oil to the stems. All the other parts have been dipped in oil including the seals to help slip them over the tops of the valve stems and past the keeper groove.

First the spring is inserted in the spring damper. Then the valve spring retainer is placed on top and all fitted over the valve stem that already has its seal in place.

A valve spring compressor is a must for this job. With the spring, damper & retainer installed over the valve stem they are squeezed by the spring compressor until there is enough of the stem exposed on top to install the keepers.

Picture of keepers

One set of valve keepers

Each valve stem takes two keepers. They are tapered and have a boss that fits in the valve stem groove. The keepers are kept in place by the valve spring retainer and valve spring pressure.

Repeat 8 times and one head is done. Repeat another 8 times and this part of the job is done.

Now it’s time to install the heads on the block.

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