More ho-hum & something new

Into the boring stuff.  Like painting the top of the rad.  All sanded and ready for priming.


I did manage to get back to the install.  The alternator is in place and I finished installing the PS pulley and shaft nut.  Both would have been a pain except for the strap wrench from Lisle.  I’ll put in a photo of it next time.  I also re-torqued the crank nut.  Fortunately this is a standard so I was able to lock the engine with the parking brake and the trans in high.








It’s not too easy to see but the PS belt runs very close to the fan pulley hub.  There is about 1/8″ clearance so I’m hoping it doesn’t rub.  It should be OK since this is the setup used by Studebaker for the ’57 Champion sedans.

Now for something new.  A club member, Wilson Baker, is building a ’53 coupe.

The body is off the original frame and will now be fitted to the new frame.




Wilson adapted a Mustang II kit from Horton’s Streetrods in Ontario.  The rack  & pinion is also part of the kit.  The install is into a donor ’60 Hawk frame.

Here the body is going onto the frame.  There is a lot of body work needed and that is the main reason for all the bracing inside the cab.


Body panels added.  Wilson says he will keep it up on the frame stand to make it easier to do the body work.


Another shot of the body before it was transferred to the newer frame.  Wilson will be using a newer drive train.  More on that later.


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