Pinstriping at home

I needed to put some pin stripes on my Dodge hood to copy what the company did back in the day. I didn’t want to go back to the body shop and expect them to do it for free – even if they did a less than perfect job. So I thought I’d give it a go at home.

I needed to put contrasting black strips along the edge of the hood and up over the cowl. I wouldn’t want to try this free-hand. That’s what the professionals get paid for. Since the lines were to follow the hood edge line I thought I could do a passable job. First I ran a strip of 1/4″ green painting tape along the hood edge. This was going to be my base to work from. The black striping would follow the tape. I cleaned the hood, cowl and any area where the pinstripe would be applied with paint thinner to be sure there was no wax or grease remaining.

This is what it looked like part way through the job. I had run a 1/4″ black pinstripe along the first green strip. I then ran a second 1/4″ green strip next to the thin black strip. I used that strip to run the wider black strip. When the pinstripes were in place I simply removed the green tape.

I tucked the pinstripe under the windshield moulding, cut the tape between the hood and cowl and rolled the lips down and then I wrapped the stripes around and under the hood front lip. The wider tape was a bit harder to get in place. It didn’t want to fit into the curve on the cowl and it tended to leave bubbles if not pressed down as you went along. Not a perfect job, but acceptable for me. Job done!

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