Power Steering Pump completion

The never ending painting goes on. PS pump and parts on the left, PS reach rod, R1 pan breather tube w/dipstick tube, PS bellcrank, PS ram frame mount and breather tube support.

Installing the pump brackets. Surprisingly there are no lock washers for the pump bolts. They are all course thread as well. So I assembled with a bit of blue Loctite.

Brackets installed and bolts tightened to 25 ft. lbs.

New O ring gaskets over the two openings under the reservoir tank. I did touch up the bolts heads in black before mounting the pulley.

Reservoir installed with the large nut torqued to 35 ft lbs. I use an inch pound torque wrench so I convert the specs to inch pounds – 35 ft lbs equals 420 inch lbs. I like using the smaller torque wrench for lower torques as I feel it’s more accurate than my ft lb wrench.

I installed the cover stud with double nuts. the torque is quite low so I just hand tightened with a short wrench. I figure I’m pulling about 12 ft lbs on a short wrench by hand and with moderate force.

Thought it might look a bit nicer two-toned rather than just all black like the engine block. I used Rust-Oleum silver wheel paint. Goes on nice and it has a lot of metal flake in it. One thing I would do differently next time – I painted the parts in primer by brush thinking I was going to go with brush painted satin black. The final coats of silver would have been a bit smoother had I primed with a spray bomb.

On the engine with a new belt.

After installing the pump I rigged up a connection between the high pressure outlet and the low pressure return using a bit of hose and the old high pressure fitting cut from the old hose.

This allowed me to flood the pump with fluid to keep it in good shape until it’s brought into service which will be some months away. I spun the pump a few times and the fluid pumped back up into the reservoir.

Now it really is time to get the engine off the engine stand and onto its dolly.

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