Clean up #1

I will be doing a complete job on the front end suspension, but not just now. I will be installing power steering so those components do need to be removed, checked and cleaned. Unfortunately all the tie rod ends had noticeable movement.

Clean up started. New long tie rods from my parts collection and cleaned adjusters from the original parts. I will need to buy new short tie rod ends. Fortunately they are still available from local parts stores for about $56 each. A tad expensive, but I’ll never have to buy them again.

The next item to clean up is the bat wing crossmember. Thick crud every where.

Even on the underside. Once this is cleaned I’ll be able to install it temporarily so I can check the positioning of the front engine mount.

Some of the underplate is a bit cheesy and will need to be replaced.

Bad stuff removed with a zip cut wheel and angle grinder and now ready for repair.

The result of an afternoon’s work – scraping and cleaning with parts cleaner to remove years of crud and the remains of the original undercoating. Rather than wasting sand blaster medium I’ll just use clean off the loose rust with course grit sandpaper and paint it with a couple of coats of semi-gloss rust paint.

Next – repairing the bat wing and continued cleaning of the engine compartment.

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