Dorian Delays

The hurricane passed through our area last Saturday/Sunday. We lost power on Saturday around supper time and it didn’t return for three days. Not a whole lot of damage but we did loose part of a large acacia tree behind the house. If fell after the eye of the storm passed over and the winds backed around to the northwest from the southeast. Fortunately it missed the house and didn’t even damage the picnic table that it fell across.

I have managed to get a couple of things done on the JT project.

I have made up a bracket for the parking brake cable so it can be mounted to the inside of the frame rail from the (removed) extra crossmember. I had to grind away some metal to get back to the width of the original mounting bracket. I will check a ’63 Cruiser to see where it should be mounted before doing the install.

I also managed to fit a new piece of metal to the bottom of the bat wing. All I need now is a bit of time to weld it in place.

Next – Cleanup #2 and on with the engine compartment and frame so that I can test fit the engine mounts.

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