Engine bay prep continues

These tools plus a spray bottle of parts cleaner is what I’m using to get the engine bay ready for sanding.

Right inner fender cleaned – easy side.

Left side is a bit harder to get around the wiring and the master cylinder.

I find that wrapping the wiring harness up makes it a lot easier to move it out of the way as needed.

One cleaning has been done here to remove the heavy buildup of oil and dirt. The second will ready it for a coat of gloss black. Same for the master cylinder – I’ll use POR 15 and hope it can resist Dot3 brake fluid.

I have not been able to find a paint dealer that has the formula for Richelieu Blue. I will have to go with using a paint sample to prep the paint. I was able to find a narrow surface of original paint that had not bee painted over or faded. It is the section between the mounting holes on the top of the lower front cowl. The lower grille section kept it covered and away from the elements.

Preliminary cleaning of the lower front cowl inner panel. It will get a couple of coats of rust black after some aggressive sanding.

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