Surprise holes!

Cleaning up the far end of the cowl/firewall I found a lump of white assembly putty. So I began to pare it away and this is what I found. A significant hole. And a matching hole appeared on the other side.

Now someone with welding skills would be able to weld this up very easily I suppose. My skills are not that good so I thought I would epoxy some metal in the opening. These are the two small pieces I made up for the job. Basically the same for the other side.

All epoxied in place. I’ll file/sand it out so that it is not too noticeable. I may use a bit of filler to smooth things out.

In the meantime I took the paint sample to the paint shop and they were able to come up with a close match. I got them to make up two rattle cans of single stage paint. That should cover the engine compartment nicely. Now to get back to the prep work. I’m still getting the Dodge together, but I hope to be finished soon and I can then concentrate on the Studebaker project.

I took the new ring gear and donor torque converter into the Converter shop last week. Hope to have it back soon!

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