Cleanup continues

Pretty well finished sanding the engine compartment sheet metal. Slow and tedious, but it will look a whole lot better when painted. I’ve got a couple of spray cans of Richelieu Blue single stage acrylic enamel for the job.

The battery shelf is not pretty. A lot of deep pits and a hole in the rear/outside corner. I filled that with a patch of fiberglass and epoxy resin.

It this was a pro restoration then the battery shelf would be cut out and replaced. Since it isn’t ‘cheezy’, just badly pitted, I decided to reinforce it with glass and resin and carry on. An acid adsorbing mat with the battery on top will cover it all so who’s to know 😉

A little blurred, but you get the idea of what it looks like with epoxy over it all. I will sand this down the cover it again with a light coat of resin before again sanding and painting.

Now on to the miserable job of cleaning and sanding all the frame parts that can be got at from inside the engine bay. I don’t want to wait until the sheet metal is painted before sanding. It would just dust everything up. I will be removing the sway bar next and getting it prepped for prime and paint – or maybe just paint with POR15. I have new rubbers for the job.

We were without power for 48 hours after the last storm. We live in the country and so are serviced after all the towns and larger centers. Now Christmas is peeping around the corner. Work on my projects is going to suffer! But, I’ll be sneaking out to the garage as often as I can 🙂

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