Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!

Sway bar, PB booster bracket and hood hinges all sandblasted and sanded for paint. the sway bar itself is only sanded to get the worst of the rust off. I’ll be using rust primer and paint on them.

All primed and painted with chassis black. Next will be the tie rod parts. After this there are still more to be cleaned, prepped and painted!

Meantime, this is a blurry shot of the battery tray with the fiberglass mat coated in epoxy. This is a first go. When it was completely dry I sanded it all down again

I bought a new FM radio from Studebaker Intl. It should fit the existing radio opening in the dash. It may be awhile before it gets installed and used on a regular basis. So I have hooked it up to a speaker, antenna and power source and am running it every time I’m in the shop. Just hooked up to a mono speaker so it sounds real tinny.

This is my power source for the radio. I picked it up from a TV/radio repair business that was closing. Good for testing vibrators (that won’t happen much!) and supplying 6 and 12 volt current for testing.

Some of the last of the bits and bobs to be sandblasted, primed and painted. Soon to be done so I can get back to the engine compartment cleanup – at least I have Christmas music now to help me along, but I am getting tired of Frosty the Snowman!

Best wishes of the season and all the year ahead

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