PS progress & more parts preparation

Getting back to it – I test fitted all the lines to the control valve.  The return line is hidden behind the reach rod.  A very tight fit and the control valve has to be rotated counterclockwise to enable one of the ram lines to clear the frame.  If the reach rod needs adjustment I have to remove the pitman arm and  pull the control valve rearward.  There is not enough room between the engine and the engine mount to allow the reach rod to rotate.  That will be fun with all the lines in place!








The pressure and return hoses are for the Hawks which use an Eaton pump on the V8 models.  The pump I have is a Saginaw unit which fed the power steering in the steering box.  I will be going to an hydraulics shop soon to get the lines adapted.  I need to get tight 90 deg. fittings so the lines will clear the distributor.  These two lines will hold the control valve in the right position so that there is enough clearance for one of the ram lines.








In the meantime work continues on the never ending, or so it seems, job of scraping, cleaning, sandblasting, sanding and painting of suspension components.









I strongly suggest to anyone who wants to do more than basic maintenance on their Studebaker that they purchase a sandblasting cabinet.  The one I use is a cheap Chinese unit sold by Princess Auto in Canada.  It’s a shop dedicated to shop & related equipment and trailer components.  Too bad that most of the stuff comes from China with varying degrees of quality.  Still it does the job for me.  I run it with a small 20 gal compressor.  I use OO heavy sand at about 80 PSI.  For fine work I just use a lower pressure..Oh yes, plan to rig up dust collection system.  You don’t want to inhale any of the fine dust out of this equipment.  I rigged up a small vacuum cleaner.  It has a fine dust bag inside and I send to exhaust outside.

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