Engine bay painted – finally!

Taped off and ready for paint. I bought two rattle cans of 1966 Studebaker Richelieu Blue paint for the job. It is a ‘best match’ that the CarQuest paint man was able to make between his paint chips and a section of the lower front valance that was protected by the bottom edge of the grille.

Primed and starting the first coat of blue. I primed using mostly Rust Check rust primer and some Tremclad rust primer. There were a few areas of surface rust that I couldn’t clean out without sandblasting. I didn’t use rust converter as my garage is normally too cold (50-60 degrees) for it to work properly. Once the rust priming was done I sprayed it with primer sealer – supposed to help with final gloss, but I didn’t see a big difference. It took a whole can of blue to give the bay a light first coat.

I put in extra heat before painting so that I was working in the 70 degree range.

First and second coats of blue done. It took a full second can to do the second coat. It really could have used a third coat, but I didn’t have a third can and the paint shop is an hour away so this is it. For an engine bay it looks very presentable, but not concours.

Next I will be painting all the frame I can get at from the engine bay. I’ll use a brush with Tremclad rust primer and then semi-gloss black. It’s good to be getting back to the project. My torque converter will be ready in a week or so it is hoped.

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