Bell crank and tie rods

I have rebuilt the bell crank with new bearings. I found an earlier style that took bearings rather than use the new style with bushings. Probably won’t make a lot of difference with power steering and the relatively few miles the car will be driven.

It took a number of shims to get it down to a minimum of end play. Almost too many to get the cotter pin in place.

There is an o-ring and the usual Studebaker cork gasket. I’ve tried o-rings in the bottom of king pins and with them I couldn’t get grease to squeeze out the bottom. So I’m going to opt for the cork ring for this job too.

The 40+ year old cork gasket was way to small to fit. I would have had to stretch the gasket to make it big enough to fit the opening and allow the shims to fit inside. The dry gasket would split for certain. Answer: soak in hot tap water until it expands back to it’s original size.

Even after soaking for 20 minutes I still had to gently open it up just enough to allow the shims to fit inside.

With the thrust washer, castle nut and cotter pin in place the job was done.

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