Trans work #1

A bit of a clean up. Didn’t want to mount a cruddy trans behind the new engine. I may paint up the pan as it is plain steel, but the cast iron body and aluminum tail shaft should be just fine as is.

The ’65 and ’66 transmission carb control links are set according to trans pressure at 2000 rpm. According to the service manual for these transmissions (and the number on it matches the service manual) there should be a plug to take pressure measurements where the X is located.l

There is a likely looking plug at the back of the trans. This location would be a problem as the extra cross member for the 283 to mount the trans sits right in front of the plug. It won’t be an issue with the Stude engine. I will be sending an email to the Cooperator panel in Turning Wheels to get their take on it.

The trans when removed was a good working unit so all I intend to do is remove the pan and adjust the front band, replace the front and rear seals, the governor cover seal and adjust the rear band. I will check the pan for metal that might show that the clutches need replacing.

BTW – if you are in a bit of a rush and need front and/or rear seals you should be able to get them at a local bearing/seal shop. The rear seal is a C/R 15000 and the front is a C/R 19242. Studebaker bearings and seals I have found are standard units used in many applications and therefore still available.

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