Trans work #2

I hoisted the trans up so that I could remove the pan without tipping it and letting any gunk in the pan flow back into its innards.

Not much of anything in the pan except for a light grey coating and a few metal bits. So I’m not going to worry. Once I cleaned out the pan I had to try the cork gasket I have on hand.

Set to match one side the other is off.

Lined up with the other side – it is off too.

I soaked the gasket in warm tap water for about an hour. It stretched nicely so that all the pan bolts slipped in easily.

I moved the blocking a bit which allowed me to rotate the trans into a position where it will be easy to do the inner band adjustment before re-installing the pan.

Next I need to get my hands on a torque wrench that goes as low as 10 in lbs and a .250″ slug of steel to do the band adjustments.

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