Trans work 4

Before installing new gaskets I cleaned off the surfaces with some brake clean on a rag to remove any oil and grease.

I’m adding hi-temp silicone gasket cement to both sides of the gaskets so I wanted the surfaces to be completely free of oil and grease.

The cut off single use brush gave a nice thin even coating to the gaskets. I also used it on the pan gasket. In the end I had an accident with the cork pan gasket, but fortunately I had a new Fel-Pro gasket on hand. The Fel-Pro number is TOS 18106. It should be available from local parts stores as it is used in a number of older vehicles including Studebakers

Fel-Pro didn’t recommend using any sealants, but there was some unevenness in the pan flange so I wanted to be sure of the best seal, so again I applied a thin coating of silicone. I snugged all the bolts and screws down just hand tight and left them for 24 hours for the silicone to set well. I then torqued them all down to spec. I used the minimum torque amount with the thought that I can always re-torque later if there is any sight of a leak.

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