Trans work 5

There is probably a tool to remove this rear seal, but I don’t have it or any puller that can do the job.

Ended up driving a hole it in and collapsing the ring enough to fall out. The housing is aluminum so I was a bit concerned about damaging the sealing surface.

In the end it seal came out with no damage to the sealing surface.

Again there are seal seating tools, but I have never gotten around to buying a set. I just use light hammer taps from side to side with a hardwood block.

Seal in and ready to go

It was easier to re & re the front input shaft seal. As you can see it has an exposed lip. A few taps with a small chisel on this lip and the seal popped out. New one in place.

Trans is now ready to be installed. Now if only the torque converts shop would get mine finished. I gave them a new ring gear and two torque converters. They couldn’t remove the ring gear on the old torque converter without damaging the unit. I”m hopeful they will be able to build one good converter out of the two I gave them! This is likely the first Studebaker torque converter they have come across.

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