Intake manifold

The original JT1841 intake Manifold. Rust on the some of the runners and crud under the carb.

Sand blasting, scraping with dental picks, cleanout with wire brushes in the parts washer and a high pressure blow out.

This air cleaner is from a wrecked ’63 Avanti. If I use this I should be able to get a 1″ spacer under the carb which was suggested by Jim Pepper, to help the fuel get around the tight bends. I actually owned the Avanti that donated the air cleaner.

I won it as a prize in the Keystone Chapter annual car draw in 2002. I did a lot of work on it and sold it in 2014. It looked good and ran well. The new owner only had it a year or two and was rear ended and rolled. The roll bar saved him, but he did break a leg and lost teeth to the steering wheel.

A sad wreck. This is it sitting in the back yard of a fellow club member who bought it for parts for his ’64 R2.

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