Little jobs to be done

Starting to get parts back on the car. Good time to do the wiper motor while the engine is out. Not much to do here except a clean up and adding some white lithium grease to the gears.

Trying out Tremclad aluminum gloss paint on the dull grey aluminum of the thermostat housing.

Looked OK so I did the rest of the carb body. My rebuild kit arrived and I will get at it soon. Still waiting for the new jets.

Most of the other linkage parts were rusted to a greater or lesser extent. Rather than paint them I opted to soak them in Fluid film after sandblasting and wire brushing. I hope the treatment will get into the pores of the metal and keep them from rusting once back on the carb. Just don’t think the carb will look right with all the linkages painted aluminum. Didn’t come that way from the factory.

The only other things needing paint were two linkage springs. I gently wire brushed them with a small brass brush and then applied the aluminum paint. It is a rust paint so should stick OK. I pulled each spring a little bit so they would not stick together when painted.

Next I’ll start the carb rebuild.

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