Carb work #4

Getting these linkages back correctly was a bit tricky. Fortunately I had the second AFB to use for an example.

It’s always a good idea to take photos to help with reassembly. In this case the second carb has a different setup from the one above. So the photo and the manual where needed.

The sample carb’s choke linkage is very different and does not use a spring to kick off the choke idle cam.

I forgot to mention that I coat each gasket with a thin film of anti-seize compound. Just in case I need to take it apart. I don’t want the gaskets sticking and tearing. I’ve read where others use a coat of penetrating oil for the same purpose.

I’ve decided to drop the idea of a 1″ spacer under the carb. There isn’t a correct spacer for the AFB with small and large openings. Just lots with 4 large openings. So it meant I would have had to sleeve one type or have a local shop make one up out of aluminum. Maybe later, but for now I have a 1/2″ heat spacer I’ll use. With two thick gaskets I’ll be adding about 3/4″ – as long as that fits under the hood.

Here is the sandwich on the intake. The bottom one is made of old fashioned asbestos I think!

Next I’ll be setting the carb once the new jets arrive.

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