Carb work #5

Two new .159 jets have arrived.

Jets in place and time to close up the carb.

Gasket with a very thin coating of anti seize. I also coated the accelerator plunger bore with Vaseline. It’ll be moved up and down some while I make the linkage adjustments.

Together and ready to have the linkage rods installed and all the initial adjustments made.

All linkages in place and adjustments made. The instructions with the kit were less than complete so for the most part I used the service manual for up to ’64 cars and JT engines. The initial choke setting is hard to figure from the instructions. You are told to put a .028 gage wire in a slot in the choke piston bore and then let the piston slot come up against it. No bore slot is visible. It’s about half way down the bore! Took awhile to get that figured! The other problem setting was the fast idle. If set according to JT needs the step down doesn’t work well. Just one jump from fast to the first step and after that the steps don’t matter. I’ll have to work that out with it on the car. It should go through3 or 4 sets getting down to warm idle. The only other issue is that the connecting rods are all a bit loose in the arms which makes it difficult to get exact settings. I’ll just have to work out the lumps once it is running.

Next job will be to install a 12 volt relay and a power point. I’ll use the power point for the electric fuel pump, radio and AC when it gets added later. The switch is a momentary on that I’ll use to prime the carb from the electric fuel pump before each cold start.

I’ve installed the fuel pump priming button in between the hood release and the drivers vent. The 12 volt relay is to the right of the vent button and beside that is the power point. I use ’62-’66 tachometer junction block for the power point (#1546393)

So far I’ve attached the radio and the electric fuel pump to the power point. If and when I install AC I’ll also connect that to the power point. Takes some of the strain from the ignition switch.

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