Parking lights #1

Still waiting for my torque converter so I can install the engine &$@! But there is no shortage of jobs to be done to complete the project. Time to look at the parking light housings.

Lots of pot metal corrosion and even one large hole – see the screw driver. Checked the vendors and I can get new ones for from $150 to $250. Hmmmmm. This is supposed to be a budget project so I’ll save that money to by and AC unit instead.

A little scratching around with a dental pick and low and behold lots of hidden rot. Looks like a job for ‘Fiberglass Man’!

Both cleaned up and sanded. I’ll be painting the inside with bright white paint to improve the visibility of the lights.

Got two little strips of fiberglass covering the damaged areas. Looks simple and should have been except that my garage is too cold. The first try wouldn’t set. The second try with more hardener also didn’t set. The third try worked with extra hardener and placing the lights in the warmest part of the garage near the ceiling!

Finished the exhaust system with two coats of high temp POR15 silver. Look good and ready to install once the engine is in place!

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