Painting never ends!

Got some good news about my PB booster. Dave T. has managed to get it done and it’s on its way back to me as I write. So time to clean up the MC. The existing unit was working fine and there was not too much crud in the reservoirs. This is how it looks after one coat of POR 15. It will get a second. I will also use a new brake light switch which goes in the top (see the green plug).

The top is plated steel. I decided to try and keep it original looking. I did some wire brushing with my drill and then tried various cleaner/polishers. The one that seems to work best is good old Brasso with a small brass wire brush to get in the metal crevasses. This is not the first time that I have found Brasso to be the most effective in cleaning chrome. It’s cheap compared to products like Auto Sol at over $10 a tube now.

Getting the lower front valance ready for POR 15. I use parts washer fluid and a small wire brush to clean out the oils and remaining undercoating. I’ll sand it and then give it a wash with paint thinners before putting on two coats of POR15 gloss black. It is out of direct sunlight so the paint should hold up fine. Exposed POR15 needs a special cover coat to protect it from the UV rays. I painted our steel clothes line pole a few years back and now it is very dull and may be actually breaking down to black powder.

In the middle of sanding down the underside of the hood latch panel. It’ll get painted too.

Old master cylinder ready to go. New brake light switch. I noticed a small blob of rust coloured stuff in the bottom of one reservoir. It too a whole quart of brake fluid to pump it out. Even then there was a slight tinge left. I Think I’ll check on the availability of a new replacement unit locally. Might be a good idea to do it now. Oh the fun of amateur restoration!

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