Project slowing down.

One coat of POR 15 on the back. I’ll put on a second. Then I’ll paint the inside with primer and ultra white Tremclad to improve the reflectability.

Sanding down the hood latch panel and fixing some minor damage while I’m at it. I like these panels to look good as they are the first thing that appears when you open the hood.

Primed with Tremclad rust primer. This is the underside of the panels. I’ll try to paint the topsides with the car’s proper colour when the weather warms up a bit.

This is about all I can do until I get my torque converter. Then I can proceed with the engine install and front end re-assembly. So for now not much more than watching paint dry! I do have problems with my Dodge Adventurer and I need to fix a problem with the front brakes on our ’54 Champion. I doubt I will put anything up on those two projects either. So for the time being I will not be updating the blog.

Check back with me in the fall and I should have some stuff to post. Thanks to one and all for taking the time to check in to see what I’m up to in my Studebaker world.

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