Project restart – New Booster

           My PB booster which I removed from a ‘66 Commander in salvage yard, was in sad shape. All over rusted and pitted, M/C actuating rod rusted off and one of the M/C mounting bolt came loose. Better to just by a new one – not!  ‘64-’66 boosters of this type are just not available anywhere.  Rebuilt units are available, but they need your core to work on.  So I sent photos to a re-builder, but it was not usable they said. As luck would have it I mentioned this to Dave Thibeault and after I sent him the photos, he felt his re-builder could do the job.

The new booster – bubbles on the edge is the brazing

A little while later and a few $$$ more than a straight-forward rebuild, I had a booster for the project.  Besides welding on a M/C actuating rod and mounting bolt there were a number of pin holes that needed to be brazed in as well – see along the side edge.

I forgot to take some photos of the booster to pedal linkages. Nothing special there except for the link from the pedal through the firewall. That part is just not available from all the sources I checked. So I made one out of 3/16″ X 1″ bar stock. I drilled holes at each end to fit the pedal bolt and the linkage pin next to the booster. I was able to buy the rubber boot for the fire wall. I cut a rectangular hole to accept the bar stock shape. And so all is ‘good to go’ as they say. The master cylinder is from the original non-PB setup that was in the Commander. The parts book lists the same M/C for standard and power brakes.

All plumed in. I used nickel/copper brake line stock. It is much easier to bend and isn’t so prone to kinking.

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