AC unit in place, etc

It would have been nice to center the AC unit under the dash, but it gets in the way of the glove box door so it has to be moved to the left. An accessory booklet for 1966 shows that they were installed this way from the factory or as a dealer option. Where it sits is very close to the gas pedal area. There is just enough room to get your leg by the unit. I sprayed the front panel with automotive silver wheel paint plus a couple of coats of clear. Hard to get a good shot on the inside of the car where the shine of the dash affects the camera.

Here is the left side. the mounting bracket is just to the right of center at the top (black). I added a brace to a point up under the dash where there was an available screw to use. The unit’s fan housing is supposed to rest on the trans hump it seems. I thought it would be good to add a bit of support to help it from working on the floor covering with normal driving vibrations. There are two drain tubes which have to exit through holes drilled in the trans hump. The pipes extend down to a point abt even with the bottom of the trans.

This is the right side showing the two connections for the AC lines. I have a kit coming which uses O rings. I will have to find two flange type fittings to connect to the older AC evaporator. The green plug is on the end of the expansion valve. The AC work will hold until I get my underhood kit.

Time to fit the trans filler tube – on the left side of the photo. I needed to install the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe to make sure the filler pipe is kept away from the hot exhaust. I have a couple of studs in place to align the exhaust manifold. In the end the fit was so tight that I could only use a stud on the lower front mounting hole in the head.

The exhaust manifold is in place – loosely. It is very close to the upper A arm (center of the photo). I painted the exhaust parts with POR15 high heat silver epoxy paint. I was unable to put them in an oven to cure them. I did try to heat them with a heat gun, but I could only make about 180 degrees instead of the needed 350. Even so they paint was smoking at the lower temperature.

This is an electrician’s pipe bender for 1/2″ pipe. This is needed to re-bend the trans filler pipe to fit the new engine/trans setup. I was not patient enough to wait until I found a bender so the pipe has some kinks in it. The kinks later made it more difficult to use the bender when I did get it.

In the end this is what the pipe looked like with lots of kinks. I got the proper bender for the finishing bends at the top end. This was a tedious process. I must have crawled under the car at least 50 times before I got it so that it fitted without hitting the body, missed the exhaust pipe and set at the proper place in the engine compartment. The dipstick slipped in pretty well (it would slip in better without the kinks!) I will have to add the exact amount of trans fluid ( I use Ford Type F) and then check and re-mark the dipstick if needed. Sand, paint and then it will get installed.

This is its final location in the engine compartment. It is maybe 2″-3′ lower down than in the original 283 V8, adapter bellhousing, trans configuration. I have adapted a bracket to secure the pipe to one of the exhaust manifold bolts.

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