Alternator install

What I need to install my alternator is an arm like the one in this photo. It’s a long ‘S’ shaped thing that attaches to the AC mounting bracket.

I’m using a Prestolite 38 amp alternator. The arm has to reach between the top mounting stud on the alternator and the hole in the AC bracket just above the AC belt tensioner.

Rather than wait to find the right arm – which is not available from the big Stude parts vendors – I’m going to use this generator arm. It is long enough and is made from 1/4″ steel.

It is close to being in the right place, but is stopped from getting high enough by the AC bracket.

I’ve marked the area where metal needs to be removed.’

I had to remove quite a bit of metal from the arm plus some further back where it also his the AC bracket. I also ground a bit from the AC bracket so that I didn’t have to take it from the bracket.

Sandblasted and painted up and in place. A bit unusual, but it does the job nicely until I can find the real thing. I have a backup Prestolite 34 amp alternator and it fits too. I also checked out a 60 amp Chrysler alternator and it will fit as well should I need to up the power to run the AC.

Next on to the intake and stuff.

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