Intake install and other stuff

I won’t be using a heat riser and I’m blocking off the heater passages in the intake in the hopes of reducing the chance of boiling the new lighter fuel in the carb. I got the block off plates and thicker composite style intake gaskets from Dave Thibeault. I modified the plate on the right of the photo so that the choke tube will fit.

All ready, but I think this is a good time to put in the oil pressure flex pipe.

Another glitch as a result of the 283/289 engine swap. The line from the gauge is too short. I will try to find a way to extend the tiny copper line.

I’ve installed the block off plates with a bit of red high temp silicone to keep them in place.

Intake in place with a heat shield with gaskets top and bottom.

Rebuilt AFB carb in place.

Next job will be to fit the accelerator and trans control linkages to the carb.

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