AFB Carb throttle and trans control linkages

The throttle control arm from the 283/Rochester setup works OK once I straightened it out. Under it is a preliminary setup for the trans throttle control (TTC). I’m modifing the TTC bracket from the 283. the TTC cable end will need to be extended – I have made up a extension using a narrow piece of 3/16″ mild steel which is attached to the original yoke.

I have made up an adapter plate template for the AFB using a piece of thin tin. The location of the pin that will push the TTC cable has to be a specific distance from the center of the carb throttle shaft center. I took that measurement from the old setup and then put it someplace safe – so safe that I couldn’t find it again! So I’m guessing and also leaving some adjustment in the adapter to move it if necessary. I have tried to bend the original bracket to fit, but there is no way I can get it to line up even close.

The adapter plate TTC mounting pin was a bit fiddly to get in place. It will take copper spacers to allow the inside nut to miss the adapter place mounting nut & bolt and also to miss the throttle speed adjuster screw.

This is the final setup before painting. I used a piece of 1/8″ mild steel for the carb adapter plate. I had to extend the TTC yoke even longer. I also had to make up a two piece bracket to get the TTC cable bracket lined up. It is 3/16″ mild steel and will replace the original mounting cap – like the one towards the left. The throttle control cable will fit in the carb linkage plate hole just above the front of the new TCC adapter plate.

These are the parts I had to make up – except for the TTC cable mount. The oval hole in the adapter plate will allow some adjustment to change the total movement of the TCC cable. This part of the project took me a couple of hours a day for about a week – cutting, drilling, bending, adjusting and fitting again and again to get it right. The final test will be when I set the trans pressure and passing gear downshift.

While working on the carb linkages my crank pulley spacer came in. I needed to use a combination of two spacers to get the outer pulley in position. The inner pulley drives the alternator via the fan pulley, the center pulley drives the PS and the outer pulley drives the AC via a special second fan hub pulley – that is on order from Stephen Allen’s who have many hard to find parts. They were also able to supply an original ’66 evaporator for the project.

To take a break from the carb linkage work I installed the heater connection on the water pump manifold. I blocked off the original hole on the right side and tapped the boss on the left side. Rather than use the original style 90 deg 3/4″ pipe which is quite tallI decided to use a lower brass fitting with a 3/4″ short nipple (with the threads cut off) to accept the heater hose. I will run the hose behind the AC compressor and under the alternator for a cleaner look – at least that is the plan 🙂

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