Power Steering & Parking Brakes

Final routing of the PS lines. All four curve back towards the front going under the frame and forward between the spring and the frame. I have installed a bracket to hold up the lines to the bottom of the frame (loosely to allow a bit of movement as the control valve moves back and forth.) It is the round bracket in the photo. I had to drill a hole in the bottom of the frame to mount it.

Left and right turn lines in place. If you position the lower line incorrectly on the control valve it will not line up properly. The end will face downward instead of towards the ram. Both lines should face the ram if installed correctly on the control valve. Not shown is the clip holding the lines to the frame – just the right of the photo. Studebaker still left the hole in the frame to mount this clip.

A few years ago I put PS in my Avanti, but I couldn’t remember how the PS pressure and return lines were run. After trying many routes I couldn’t seem to find one that didn’t have excess hose running underneath or that ended up with the pressure hose end facing the PS pump. Nowhere on the web could I find a photo to help. Finally I noticed an opening between the frame and the ram. That was the path to take and I recalled that was as it was in the Avanti. All the extra hose was taken up and the pressure end faced the pump. Whew!

Time to install the parking brake cable. Here is the mount I made. It is installed on the left inner frame. The original mount was on the extra cross member needed when the 283 was in the car. It held up the back of the trans as mounts were not used on the bellhousing as was usual for Studebakers. I removed the extra crossmember as it would have been in the way with the new engine/trans setup.

Moving the parking brake bracket to the frame moved the cable a little to the front. But with the engine/trans one inch back there was lots of adjustment room.

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