Fuel in exhaust out

Final shot of the PS pump lines. I have added the second support bracket under the frame. It is a Studebaker bracket normally used to hold the heater hoses to the fender apron. Holds the pipes up but not tightly.

The exhaust pipes and tail pipe are original Studebaker items. The muffler is from Silvertone Exhaust and is meant for an Avanti which is about 10″ shorter than needed. Also, the tail pipe is only 1-3/4″ while everthing else is 2″. I couldn’t find a listing for a larger size tail pipe in the Studebaker parts books. So I assume they didn’t use them. I have the 1-3/4″ units so I decided to use them. I can always have 2″ pipes bent later on. The pipes have been sanded and painted with POR 15 High Temperature silver.

I cut off 10″ from some 2″( 1/16″ thick) exhaust pipes. I then cut off two collars about 1-1/2″ long from some 1-3/4″ pipe (also 1/16″ thick.) The collars fit over the exhaust pipe ends and the extension slips over that with the other end fitting inside the muffler outlet pipe. The extensions will also get a coat of silver POR 15 high Temperature paint.

I have test fitted both sides. It wasn’t going all that well until I figured out that the right exhaust pipe had to be rotated 180 degrees from the left side’s position. The left side arch – see above – fits between the parking brake cable and the floor while on the right side it fits under the parking brake cable and cable tensioner.

This is the electric fuel pump I’m going to install. I bought it from Canadian Studebaker and it is a 2.5 to 7 lb pump. It will be installed on the inside of the right hand frame rail as close to the gas tank as possible.

Another oddity of the ’66 models and maybe the ’65s too, is that the fuel line runs down the right frame rail rather than the left. The gas tank outlet is also reversed being on the right side of the tank. Here you see where the gas line pops out from under the front cross member on the right side. The AFB carb inlet is also on the right side. All I have to do is figure out how the run the line up to the carb. I will need to buy some 3/8″ fuel line to make the run. The fuel pump has a small filter on the inlet side, I will add one just before the pump as added insurance in case rust flakes come from the line between the pump and the carb.

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