Getting close to startup

Final position of the two trans cooling lines. 5/16 oil cooler lines will just pass under the lower rad hose.

Delco distributor from a ’61 Lark V8 if I remember. That’s an Accell electronic ignition and I’m using the Accell matching coil. Took about 15 tries to get the distributor lined up so that #1 was in a good spot for the vacuum advance location and room to advance without the cap bumping into the PVC valve. If you are not familiar with the problem it’s a matter of getting the gear on the distributor in the right tooth of the cam gear and at the same time lining up the slot in the oil pump shaft.

Distributor wired in with PB and PVC hoses in place. Just need to install the new spark plug wires.

A temporary fan for engine startup. I plan to use an electric fan once the break in is done. This is necessary as a regular or flex fan will hit the Sanden compressor for the AC. Also, once the break in is done and I’m sure my wiring is OK I’ll wrap it all in dry PVC tape as was done at the factory. I’ll only run the alternator and leave the PS pump off for the break in.

Rad in and hooked up, trans cooling lines in place. Just need to do a few more things before it’s time to put the pudding to the test!

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