AC install and on to carpets.

AC condenser mounted with four custom brackets made to fit existing holes in the rad mounting frame.

AC hoses plumbed in. I left the dryer disconnected until it’s time to test and charge the system. Using the original Studebaker fan and crank pulleys and AC mounting bracket I was able to line up the new Sanden compressor(with an adapter plate) with the pulleys and the original belt tension wheel.

The engine bay looks a whole lot busier now. I have a disconnect on the positive side of the battery. Normally the disconnect is on the negative side, but I need the ground to power the radio memory. I have a bypass lead with a 2 amp fuse on the positive side to the radio.

I was able to fit a Studebaker thermostatic fan, but to do that I needed a modified fan spacer (cut down by 1/8″) to miss the compressor pulley and give enough space away from the rad at the bottom.

Running lights. I’m using two Studebaker AC3522 running lights (still available from Studebaker Intl). They take the usual 1141 bulbs. They will be behind the grille and if they are not bright enough I can always use more powerful LED replacements. The parking lights will also come on. I ran a line from my accessory power point to the parking/headlight switch so that now the parking/tail lamps will be lit while the engine is running without the switch being turned on.

New carpets originally for a ’63 wagonaire. We’ll have to see how well they fit.

Original black vinyl mats.

Scraping away previously applied undercoating & rust and repairing old patch work. I also welded up all the 1/2″ factory body alignment holes and filled the two 1-1/2″ holes with plastic plugs replacing the old push in chrome units.

Next – more on carpets.

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