More carpet capers

Patches in, factory 1/2″ alignment holes welded over and seam seal applied.

All painted over with a generous coat of Proform Rock Guard – brushed on. This is a paintable covering so ends up hard.

Sound deadener applied.

This is the second time I have used this product and it has worked well for me. It’s available on Amazon.

It comes in rectangular sheets. each with a 1/16 backing of petroleum based sound absorbing material. The silver cover helps keep out engine and trans heat. These are the tools I used. The tool in front of the roller is a 1″ gasket punch. I used the hammer peen to press the coating into the groves of the floor pan. When that split the silver covering I patched with the silver aluminum tape.

The backing that came with the carpet kit didn’t cover everywhere so I used old backing I had laying around to complete the coverage. I stuck it down some with some tape I had on hand to keep it in place. I used the gasket punch here also for the seat mount and seat belt holes.

Carpets in place. I’ll wait for a few days to let them settle and then I”ll cut and fit the sill plates.

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