AC recap and Carpet ends

I picked up this original ’66 style evaporator from Stephen Allen’s. A cleanup and some black and silver paint and it looks quite presentable. Hopefully it will work OK.

The AC pump, condenser, dryer, hose and fitting kit I purchased all used O ring type fittings. The old evaporator uses flare fittings. A local AC shop were able to supply adapters to fit. They also provided a number of other fittings to plumb the lines through the firewall. Once I had all the hoses measured I had the shop do the crimping. On hoses with angled fittings it was necessary to mark the fitting and the hose alignment before they were crimped so they went back on without the need to twist the hose. The hoses are fairly high so are pretty well hidden. The hose wrapped around the lower AC hose is one of two drain hoses that will be fed through the transmission hump to allow water coming from the evaporation process to drain to the outside.

Carpets installed fairly well. A bit lumpy in spots, but a lot of that is hidden under the seat. When they flatten out I’ll just trim a bit off the sides. This is an aftermarket kit. It needed some trimming on the sides, but went in quite well. I will purchase new rubber front mats and front door sill plates from to finish the job – my sill plates are corroded out and cracked.

Next it is time to grease and drop the car down on its wheels so I can set the toe. I had the tie rods off and changed the bellcrank so the toe alignment will be out of whack.

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